Medical Marijuana centers sprung in the District’s area.

The use of marijuana has a major debate for the last 10 years, almost every has softened their law about the use of that herbal essence. California has recently passed a law that legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. It was a major step toward the decriminalization around the country after Colorado has legalize weed for recreational use.

In Washington, DC, the use of marijuana is legal in the city capital at at small doses. The only way to be penalize is to have more than 2oz of marijuana , and more than 6 plants. Anything more than that could be penalize from $1000 to $50.000. At the same time the marijuana medical centers are appearing all around the city, in 2 years there is over 10 stores that sprung in the D.M.V.

The centers offers consultations, and diverse products made out of marijuana such as lotion, soap, shampoo and others care products all made out of marijuana. Most of the centers offers dispensary cards to their patient. The centers have treatment option of arthritis, ADHD, anxiety, inflammation, migraine, even HIV/AIDS. Also they offer variant type of marijuana strains from sativa, indica, to hybrid. The centers are spreading for the better of the people.


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