Great music out of the D.M.V (part 2).

IDK : Hip Hop Artist / Songwriter



IDK fourth full length studio album is an very interesting experience. The Maryland’s artist has offered an album that reflected his life in Prince George County. IDK uses his artistry to talk explain his influences, his mistakes, his family. Also the project features Swizz beat and chief keef, it is the must listen to album.

Chris Brown: R&B Singer / Soul / Songwriter


Heartbreak on a Full Moon / Tidal

Chris Brown delivered a project of 45 tracks. The Virginia native has delivered an audacious album after 2 years of silence. Chris brown who is now a mogul of the D.M.V music scene showed again why he should be considered as the best male singer and pop star. His album is a beautiful melodic exercise as he provides all type style from R&B, Afro-Caribbean style, to the new style TrapSoul, Chris does it all.

Trey Songz: R&B singer / Songwriter


Tremaine / Tidal

Trey songz came in 2017 with his eighth album named Tremaine. Trey songz is known for his connection with the woman in each of his songs which could again being felt through out the album. This album is different when he is trying to go back to his 2005-2012 pure melodic song and sometimes festive. Tremaine is great album to listen on a date night.

Logic: Hip Hop Artist / Songwriter



The most successful Artist of the Maryland right and with a steady pace since 2014. Logic gave the world the most positive and socially conscious. When it comes to be socially conscious, logic provided everybody with an Album that discuss races, solitude, suicide even gave a solution with the song 1-800-273-8255. This song at the same times discuss suicide and the title is where they can get help. Logic’s album has an incredible impact for the youth. That album connect with the millennials and it is the way to relieve any type of social incorrectness.

Do not forget to click the album title to listen.

IWASVERYBAD :-star-star-star-star-star

HeartBreak on a Full Moon: -star-star-star

Tremaine : -star-star-star-star

EVERYBODY :-star-star-star


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