Was wale dropped by Atlantic records?

Wale was tied with Atlantic Records for 4 years, during that time he released 3 albums: The Gifted, The Album About Nothing, and Shine. These projects were all great as Wale consistently kept the spotlight on his Albums with multiple gold and platinum records.

Wale still signed to Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group, so the nature of the deal with Atlantic records was a partnership between Atlantic records and MMG which may include production, marketing of wale’s projects. The reason why Atlantic records stopped working with him is still unknown as Dj Akademiks related the situation of the sales Shine in his recent YouTube video which is not really accurate.

The most possible speculation is the way Atlantic records see they business in the future as they focus on signing artists that can make charting songs for less cost and produce more money. Lil Uzi Vert, Bhad Bhabie depict what Atlantic Records their new artist to connect with the youth.

The label parting ways with Wale is mostly about the vision of both side which are totally different. Wale is more of an emotional and perfectionist Artist, meanwhile the label may not need him for what they see in the horizon. Wale may have more chances to shine with another partner.


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