Students show solidarity to Parkland school in the U.S Capital.

Florida has suffered one of the most deadly shootings since Sandy hook incident. On February 15, Parkland High school was the target of Nicholas Cruz who is labeled as a mentally ill person. The situation ended with 17 people dead and 14 injured.

The gun control debate sparked again, as parents of the victims and the people demand better gun control across the country by protesting. The Florida residents are trying to feel safe. Marco Rubio was facing the people and answering the questions. The people went as far as asking Marco Rubio to give up his NRA Sponsorship.

Credit: CNN

While the tension is rising everywhere and the students are showing solidarity. On the social media the teenager showed love to the injured and deceased. They took it to the streets on the Thursday, a week after to show that they support is more than the tweet and posts. They protested in front of White House.

dc gun p Image credit: MotherJones

The students from washington, D.C and the surroundings protested. They asked for the government to protect them and prevent these kind of massacre in the future. After the parkland shooting the people are asking their representatives to tightened the gun control Law. These students took the destiny in their hands and they are trying to change the world. They are asking for a safer environment to live in, and a stop the death of young Americans.


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