VECTOR 90: where to learn how to hussle.

Vector 90 is a great project from the artist Nipsey Hussle. The Crenshaw’s rapper after dropping a critically acclaimed project named Victory Lap in February 2018 and owning the most of the area he grew up in, the rapper has created a platform for the youth of his neighborhood to experience a different paths in life.

The rapper has launched Vector 90 a major changes in the business demographic of LA. Vector 90 is a shareable work space where the entrepreneurs can come together and create together. This platforms give the chance for young motivate people to have the chance to learn about themselves and mature in the business model who is shifting drastically toward technologies.

The artist in a interview with the Late night show Desus and Mero explained that his platform is for entrepreneurs to incubate and take the next level. He said” said the bottom level is for science and technologies… to create resource for the kids” this area can be use by the youth of Crenchaw to learn about new technologies and science to improve themselves. Nipsey hussle has always been part of the grow of his community and this business venture will establish his name but also being part of the changes occurring in his city.

For more information visit:


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