Listen to FootXcoles: Sitting in Outer Space.

The FootXcoles is a group that has been around since 2016 when they released Thoughts on a Friday the first project of the group. The music that they offer is a mellow funk / R&B that only them have the secret. They also have another EP in 2016 A Beautiful Mistake  (with Marlee D and Montee Cold) they kept improving and trying new style such as a slowed Go-Go rhythm mixed with funk, it can be heard through the second project.


FootXcoles released Sitting In Outer Space on February 19th, announced on their official Instagram (@footxcoles) that the project took 2 years to finish . The project reflects the dreamy sound of the group that is coming sharper with a great production. The project breath creativity of the authors as the 13 tracks project offers their style mixed in different sound, the pursuit of uniqueness is outstanding in their music. The FootXcoles deserve the attention of the world with that project.

Listen to it: Spotify / Itunes

Sitting In Outter Space (replay value): -star-star-star-star


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