Review of : Bobby Tarantino II

The Mixtape of Logic has 13 tracks and was finally released today and the project features 2 chainz, Big Sean, and Wiz Khalifa. This review is based on our listening session of that mixtape and this is our view, you may feel differently.

Bobby Tarantino is the name of the project and also that is a character that keep reminding the competition that Logic is here to stay. Bobby Tarantino is a thoughtful, egocentric character that is seeking peace through out this challenging sport that is Hip Hop. The tracks contra, overnight, 44more, Yuck show that he is up for the challenge.

In these tracks he keep reminding the concurrence that he is rich and tries to build a wealth for his children. On the show Everyday struggle Russ and Joyner Lucas were talking having different issues with him openly. He acknowledge the jabs threw at him and dissed him and with a most descriptive hook on “Yuck” meant that he will not respond back and will only promotes positive vibes. He also showed an aggressive side of him that he comes from the Maryland and he worked to be at that level.

In the other hand, Logic diversified his style with tracks like BoomTrap Protocol, Midnight, Everyday where the dreamy TrapSoul / Electro can be heard and shows the evolution of Logic adapting to the style of the new waves of rappers.

Overall the Project is good Probably the best project so far after Victory Lap. Logic is owning his concurrence and showing more progress by adapting to the evolution of Hip Hop.

The best Tracks on this project are BoomTrap Protocol, Yuck, and Warm it up.

The Best Features on this project is Indica Badu.

Listen to it on all platforms.



  1. Well written! I personally thought the project was a bit lackluster and conceptually messy, but I get with what your saying too. I rated this mixtape 6.5/10 on my rap review blog. Check it out if your interested!

    – Rav


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